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Sheila WilliamsAbout Sheila Williams

What used to be a biographical sketch morphed into a CV, then a resume and then a bio. Now, in our narcissistic world, itís all ďabout meĒ. Literally. OK? Here goes.

Ohio-born, attended Ohio Wesleyan University (go Bishops), graduated from U of L (go Cardinals), worked in corporate America, did NOT drink the Kool-Aid, first novel DANCING ON THE EDGE OF THE ROOF, published by Ballantine in 2002. Four novels in print and many more on a shelf in the closet! DANCING has now been optioned for film. It is a strange world.

On the beach, SC

Favorite things: two very silly dogs, writing, reading, traveling, and popcorn with butter. Things Iím passionate about: advocacy for the prevention and treatment of pancreatic cancer, literacy, making our planet a safe and healthy place to live, music music music (check out the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra), gardening (although I do have a purple thumb instead of a green one) and history. I did mention the popcorn, right?




A Letter for My Mother
Essays from 33 female writers, including an essay by Sheila Williams

April 8, 2014

The Shade of My Own Tree

Dancing on the Edge of the Roof

On the Right Side of a Dream




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Sheila Williams
author of Girls Most Likely, On the Right Side of a Dream,
Dancing on the Edge of the Roof, and The Shade of My Own Tree